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Posted by on Feb 4, 2014 in Business, Business Ideas, Earn Money Online | 0 comments

Earn Money Online – Avoid Myths

Earn Money Online – Avoid Myths

Earning Money Online seems such an easy thing to do, while you search with those keywords online, if you are here that actually means that you have been searching for something like it, therefore I can assume that you must have come across many websites, ad posts, banners, links online which promise you with $1000 and so on Per Day /Week or Month, while some of you may have even tried for it. The best part about these ads, promotions online is that they make you start dreaming about earning loads of cash online, the Images you see on these sites, of a man Standing outside his villa with a brand new expensive car, or enjoying vacations at some of the most expensive holiday destinations, these images and those motivational words impress you the most, ending with you buying some sort of eBooks or multimedia packages from those websites, which after a couple of months you realize that such a plan is not working for you, at times you don't even make enough money to pay your Electricity, Telephone or Internet Bills.

So where does the Problem Lie?

Well the problem lies in our approach and thinking, and yes also unreasonable dreams of earning loads of cash just working for around a Couple of Hours per day.

Are these Earn Money Online Portals Real or Just Scams?

Not all of them are scams, yes but many are, the problem is that its quite difficult to Distinguish them if one is a dreamer.

In a situation where you have wasted some of your time in such online jobs, The best thing which can be done is WAKE UP! and think that why would someone pay us such huge amounts, only for Clicking some ads, attending surveys,  or posting ads online, for a couple of hours per day, how can that be true.

The online websites create illusions that you will earn huge by working less, so just think over it. We have been told and taught from our childhood itself that 'there is no gain without pain' or 'there are no shortcuts to success' then why do we fall prey for such illusions.

Yes ! there are many ways money can be earned online as I have also mentioned in my Post before


but then again I say that the methods mentioned in there are right but not easy, they can earn you good money but can not make you a millionaire overnight.

However if you still want to make a career working online, please realize that its not a shortcut, yes maybe the effort involved in such earning may be less or rather say comfortable as comparatively, but shortcuts to success do not exist. The following are the basic practices you will have to embed in yourselves for earning money online.

1) Believe - Earning money online is not an Impossible Task, but yes the Failure ratio is Quite High therefore if you have suffered some loss of Money or Time while learning this trade, don't get disheartened or demotivated and believe in yourself and your method. To believe in yourself and the method, you must first research properly and select a method which suits your interests well and then be Dedicated on the Same, you will find many other methods which would appeal to you but, still stick on what you have selected. At times you will also have to spend money on things which guarantee results, so do not hesitate while doing such expense,

Example : if you own a blog, then you will have to bear the expense of advertising it, once you are ready with the content and the business model for it, so don't hesitate to go for Advertisements which bring you traffic or in other words Results.

2) Maintain Daily work Routine - A Routine is what you require, as consistency in your work will lead you to success and also enable you to predict the result of your Hard-work. Set a daily Working time for around 2 - 4 hours or according to the nature of your program, don't skip schedule at least not in the beginning. Time can be distributed for different tasks as well.

Example : If you run a blog you can distribute your work between different times in a day or a week, such as you can keep alternate days for link building and marketing of your blog and the Other days you can focus on content.

3) Be Patient - Remember the Quote we used to hear from our Parents and Teachers that 'Rome was not built in a Day' well that's true, earning online will also take time as its dependent on so many factors, such as traffic, ads relevance, search engines etc. hence it would definitely take time but remember 'Hard-Work Pays'

While you follow these above practices day -to- day you will definitely come across many Tricks of the Trade and therefore will start feeling more Positive and Confident bringing Good Results through Cheques in your Bank Accounts.

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