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Posted by on Aug 2, 2013 in Web Designing | 0 comments

Make a better First Impression Online.

Make a better First Impression Online.

You may have heard it before, First Impression is the Last Impression, and therefore this theory also applies online or say on internet, whatever may be your business you should make sure you have the best impression online as there will be no second chance available to make an impression. However, it is not a rocket science, the ideas written below may have been gone through your eyes before this, but you may have not considered those ideas as for your business but the truth is that, it is applicable for every business, no matter of what nature it is.

  • Visualize the Image you want to create:

Think about an image you want to create online, think about the audience, and be clear about the people you want to reach. To impress your audience it is very necessary that you know their online behavior that means what they search for online, spend time on sites/blogs, discuss about topics etc. All these things and many more are necessary to know your audiences online behavior. Once you have understood their Online Behavior you can create an right impression online which is of interest for them and those people would be impressed by your Brand.

  • Create Online Visibility:

You have found out about the audience you are going to target for advertisement / promotion / marketing of your Brand but you do not have such an impression online which helps you. Just having a website and a facebook page is not sufficient for creating a Brand. Social media marketing is necessary for effectively approaching your audience. Create social media accounts and engage yourself socially with people, this would not only promote your Brand but also create a good Reputation online if managed effectively. Social media Marketing also increases the Word – of – mouth publicity as the people discuss among themselves about the Brands and their pages become visible to the networks as well.

  • Manage Business Reputation:

Having Business Visibility Online can also help you manage your Business Reputation online, there are many reviews sites, discussion forums, online Groups etc. where people comment / complain about the Goods / Services they consumed and are Satisfied / Dissatisfied with those. Keeping your eye on them would help you find people who are less satisfied or dissatisfied with your Product / Service or maybe there are some issues you would like to discuss with them. Once you know about any such problem you can approach them personally and assist them online or help them other way by a solution to their problem. This would positively affect your Reputation Online.

Hereby these are some of the ways you can Create – Build – and Manage a Good Visibility Online which would help you in different ways in your Business and also increase your Customer Reach with Customer Satisfaction.

Image courtesy of  (Teenager Touching Like Button by) David Castillo Dominici


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